I quite like our new right back

Apologies for not writing anything for a while. Life, particularly a nasty bout of glandular fever got in the way slightly. But “shit happens” as the Predator once said and I have been inspired to put a few words down.

Two of the main reasons I have not blogged is that their are some damn fine writers out there consistently writing stuff about nufc and most of my thoughts and issues were well covered by them. Secondly, I always try to remain positive about my team and the disastrous run we were on pre January did not inspire me to write anything positive at all.

Then the transfer window opened and we bought a new right back first. A lot more on him in a minute.

The signings of Sissoko, Gouffran and Mbiwa have improved the quality of the first team immensely. Their impact has been covered hugely by the national and local press and gratefully welcomed by everyone who loves the team. At least some of them should have been brought in last summer but at least the board reacted to the lilly-livered defeat by Reading and got their fingers out.

The football we are playing now is almost unrecognisable to the dull boring fare we had been served for the most part of the season. Pace, power, precision and more importantly confidence has turned our season around.

Those mad few days when we brought 4 players in were probably the most satisfying of many a transfer window but because of that I think the arrival of our new number 26 went a little unheralded. True, we had been chasing him for best part of a year and I guess he was a signing that we all probably expected would happen sometime, mainly due to his close friendship with Cabaye.

He has impressed me immensely, culminating in what was for me his best display yet against Southampton. John Anderson on Radio Newcastle, a man who knew how to defend, nominated him as his man of the match. I wouldn’t disagree.

I played right back as a lad and was coached pretty well by an ex defender. He used to drill into me defending wasn’t all about what you did with the ball, it was what you did when the opposition had it also.

Debuchy’s positioning is excellent. I was with my oldest son at the game on Sunday and told him to watch the difference between Debuchy and Santon. Debuchy get’s it right 9 times out of 10. Santon less so, but he is young and hopefully will be coached to eradicate the errors he is making at present. He has the ability to carry the ball with pace and he has created a few goals lately.

A couple of examples of Debuchy’s defending that show how well he reads the game: Versus Chelsea a ball was lofted out to their left wing towards Mata. Debuchy read it perfectly, sprinted forward and leapt to the ball before Mata had a chance to get there and headed the ball forty yards down the field. On Sunday another high ball was hoisted in front of him for an unrushing attacker. He knew not to go leaping in, took a couple of steps back, adjusted his body shape so to give himself more chance of winning the ball as it came down. He did. He took it on his chest, beat the opposition player and sprinted away to attack.

Instinct or good coaching? Probably both.

I could go on and list more examples, but I think you get where I’m coming from.

His close friendship with Cabaye is evident on the pitch also. They trust in each other’s abilities and are almost telepathic with their passing and movement. He has obviously played with Ben Arfa for the French national team and I am really looking forward to seeing them in tandem very soon.

What has also impressed me is how strong he is. I don’t think I have seen him outmuscled by any opponent and his pace gets him out of trouble too. I reckoned he was man of the match last Sunday because we are starting to see more of his attacking prowess too. I feel a bit sorry for Danny Simpson, as he has been reliable and an ever-present in the team but Debuchy is a different level of player entirely.

I look forward to seeing him pelt down the pitch in front of me in the East Stand for many a season to come.



One Response to “I quite like our new right back”

  1. carl (thuiw) Says:

    in hus own words – he is doing extra training to develop his game better, as, even tho he’d watched the prem & followed nufc. until he played, he didn’t realise the intensity? hellish attitude/pro…

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